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C O M P A N Y   T E A S E R 

We’ve been filming animal behavior for 25 years. We’ve produced 100
documentaries and more than 300 TV programs. Our work is broadcast through
National Geographic, Disney, Discovery, Netflix, France TV, ZDF, TVE ...



30 years Producing Wildlife Documentaries


About Genera

About Genera

We are living in a historical moment in which the sensitivity of society towards the world of animals has well developed. Respect, admiration, and conservation are principles that govern humanity's relationship with the rest of the species.
However, our perception of animals could be partially confused or even distorted. Getting closer to the reality of how monkeys, wasps or wolves think or feel could contribute to shaping a better and even more balanced criterion.

GENERA is the result of 30 years of naturalistic experience and documentary production. 
The knowledge of a team who has dedicated their lives to discover animal behavior and establishing axes that allow us a better understanding of the relationship between biology and the human being.



H O W   W E   W O R K

We work tirelessly every day to get a job with the best quality. Each member of the team is essential, so the support between us and teamwork are fundamental bases of our day-to-day.

mantis de 15 dias

O U R   V A L U E S

Honesty and transparency are fundamental points so that each project has the best quality of information and visual content.

The team's passion for nature is essential to achieve ever-higher goals.

Finally, teamwork, being able to support each other and make the sum of everyone's work multiply the result.

los tres IMC

The Image Catchers

Meet our crew and discover what each one does.


Álvaro is the thinking head of the group, he is a bit in everything setting pace and direction. His passion for sharing his vision of nature and his deep and unique voice is the key to all projects. CEO


Fernando, the image catcher par excellence. Director of photography and image. Fernando studies the behavior of animals in the field and records it as faithfully as possible.

pedro / Loro

Pedro, video editor, measures and knows every frame of every project. A creative head necessary to give rhythm and fluidity to the ideas. 

laura/ caracal

Laura, Creative and art director, she
achieves a complete integration of photography, editing, and graphics, creating a recognizable look. Thinking down to the smallest detail so that the viewer's experience is perfect.


Alfonso raises the level of content because he even knows what is not written about animals. His experience, constant learning, and sense of humor bring a lot of interest to the script.

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