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T V.   P R O G R A M S

T O P   Z O O

Series in development

( 50 x 25´ 4K Varicam 35 )

Entertainment series on animal curiosities.

TOP ZOO is the most commercial, creative, and fun project we are producing.

I M A G E   C A T C H E R S

Series in development

( 6 x 48´ T1 - T2 /4K Varicam 35 )

This is not merely a behind-the-scenes reality show about filming animals: it’s a hyperreality show about every step of the process of obtaining the wildlife images we shoot for the documentaries we produce.

W I L D   Q U E S T I O N S

Series in development

( 50 X 1´ 4K Varicam 35 )

In the first interstitials, a brief 10-second question is posed about curiosity about the animal kingdom.

 "What is the actual color of the polar bear's hair?"
"Why do starlings 'dance' in the sky?" 

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